Ham of the Cam

As long as I don’t have to edit the video and find the perfect take, I don’t mind a camera. I see video as a wonderful way to connect with people if we can’t be in person.

I’ve made various videos with Gal’s Guide Library with craft projects, interviews, book reviews, podcast and even workshops.

Kristin Lavrandatter Book Discussion. Left to right. Top Row: Mona Mehas, Leah Leach, Michelle Hammond. Bottom Row: Bonnie Fillenwarth and Carla.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Thank You Leah. That was awesome! Nichelle is one of my biggest influences.

— Paula (on YouTube)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Y’all are having too much fun!

— Mona (on YouTube)


Uhura Training Academy

What if Uhura had an academy? What would she teach?

16 free STEM classes taught by Dr. Leah Leach of Gal’s Guide, as well as special speakers. Classes explore the skills and talents of your favorite Star Trek Communications Officer.

Wonder Woman Academy

When Wonder Woman 1984 was postponed, Gal’s Guide gave you the opportunity to strengthen your inner Wonder Woman and learn the life skills from this mythic-warrior Goddess.

15 free warrior classes were taught by Dr. Leah Leach of Gal’s Guide as well as special speakers. Below are the edited links to the classes.

Gal’s Guide Podcast

Some of the 2020-2021 episodes have Zoom video where you get to see our silly faces.

What if you could only share 1 cool thing about a topic? Would it be about ancient history? Would it be breaking news? Would it be safe for work? A group of gal-pals gathers to present to you one cool thing on topics like painting, gaming, movies, music and more.

Extra Videos!