In Retort to the Board of Trustees of Hamilton County East Public Library (HEPL)

The undersigned members of the HEPL attempted to correct misinformation being circulated in print and in the media about the revised Collection Development Policy; however, they are incorrect in their information and contradict themselves in their own statement. 

Art Story – Buddha Dakini

Buddha Dakini is a mixed media art piece I completed as a meditation and concentration in the Tibetan-Buddhist mythology of the female energy Buddha’s called Dakinis. Story behind the creation of the artwork Learning about the 5 Dakini’s was a life changer for me. Just before the pandemic of 2020 I picked up the bookContinue reading “Art Story – Buddha Dakini”

Dakini Quiz

Just before the 2020 pandemic I bought a copy of Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine by Lama Tsultrim Allione. I had purchased the copy for the Gal’s Guide Library thinking it would be a great addition to our spiritual section because not that many Buddhism books are written by women.Continue reading “Dakini Quiz”

Traditions passed down from a galaxy far, far away…

First Published in the Polk Street Review 2021 By Leah Leach When I was three-months-old, my father wanted to go see this new sci-fi movie that was playing in the theaters. Unable to find a babysitter my parents took me to a crowded theater and just blindly hoped for the best.  My mother tells theContinue reading “Traditions passed down from a galaxy far, far away…”