Founder of Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy, women’s history enthusiast, serendipitous learner, mythology maven, artist, and retired filmmaker.

Official Bio

Dr. Leah Leach is the founder of Gal’s Guide to the Galaxy which is home to the first lending library dedicated to women’s history in the United States. Because of Leah’s deep dive into women’s history, she has developed a new writing method for educators and writers. The Born of Many Mother Method (B.O.M.M.) combines mythology and women’s history with a focus on empathy.

Before founding Gal’s Guide in 2016, she ran a successful film company for a decade. Working under the stage name Kate Chaplin, Leah set out to make films that featured complex female characters. Winning 12 cinematic awards, she was asked to give presentations and lead workshops on women in filmmaking. Leah has adapted her storytelling training into the unique way Gal’s Guide teaches history. 

Leah has won six awards for the podcasts she has produced. Her shows include Kate’s Take, Your Gal Friday and The Gal’s Guide Podcast. Her shows dig deep into the meaning of life and yet still share a laugh on the absurdity of the galaxy. Her most recent show, The Gal’s Guide Podcast, has passed 10,000 downloads.  

Dr. Leah Leach holds an honorary degree in Metaphysics from the Universal Life Church. She has studied Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, and Sigmond Freud. She made a solid attempt to study Nietzche but stopped because it nearly broke her positive spirit. After an extensive religious search of the world’s major religions to find what suited her moral compass, Leah has been a practicing Buddhist since 1992. In 2020, she started Dakini training which is a female-wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. 

Leah’s return to writing in 2020 was met with a 3rd place ribbon for her short nonfiction piece, “Traditions Passed Down From a Galaxy Far, Far Away…” published in the Polk Street Review in 2021. 

Leah provides classes for the B.O.M.M method and is working on a book.

What I Do

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