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Just before the 2020 pandemic I bought a copy of Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine by Lama Tsultrim Allione. I had purchased the copy for the Gal’s Guide Library thinking it would be a great addition to our spiritual section because not that many Buddhism books are written by women.

What I found in the pages was a part spiritual centering, part mythology and part Cosmo quiz.

Let me explain…

There are five Dakini’s in the Tibetan Buddhism that are equal to Buddha’s. They are the embodiment of female wisdom and each one can help you with different poison’s in your life. By meditation, ritual and instruction these Dakini’s can turn poisons into wisdom.

Each Dakini is represented with a different color, body shape, time of year and time of day and so on. When I talked about Dakini’s on the Gal’s Guide Podcast, Bonnie really wanted a quiz to know which one she was. So I made a quiz.

Padma Dakini energy turns desire into wisdom. Padma energy is full of passion, compassion, and having a big heart. They can have an intense desire, lust, or craving. But their wisdom comes when they can feel love without the need to be loved back. When Padma’s turn their passion into compassion they embody the fire energy of the Padma Dakini.

Karma Dakini energy turns envy into wisdom. Karma Dakini energy is all about action, they stay busy, they try to keep as many things as organized as they can. They can have jealously but their wisdom comes from knowing that things happen better if you just go with the flow and don’t force outcomes.

Vajra Dakini turns anger into wisdom. Varja is all about clarity. When the Vajra Dakini is able to cut through passive or active anger (fire & ice) the struggle is released. The release of the struggle creates wisdom.

The Ratna Dakini turns pride into wisdom. Ratna Dakini’s are all about worrying they are inadequate or overcompensating into prideful means. Ratna’s tend to stick on things or horde things. The wisdom comes from equality, knowing to not value one thing over another. Too feel stable and the sameness or stability of the world.

The Buddha Dakini turns ignorance into wisdom. The Buddha Dakini is all about spacing out. They can forget things or get confused. They can procrastinate or get depressed. They love comfort, they tend to be introverted and not fond of large gatherings. Buddha Dakini’s wisdom comes in meditation on inward and outward space. In a mythic sense, they are working to understand their own face.

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